Late Autumn Update

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Thanksgiving is behind us, and Christmas looms ahead. Arguably the worst time of year for creative endeavors, and yet on we soldier. Here's the latest on Liberty Cabbage.

We have picture lock

We have locked the picture for the series, meaning that no further edits will be made to the video timelines of the new episodes. This is a crucial step in the editing process, as it ensures that all post-production teams will be working from the same cut. 

So what's left? Director Gabe is handling color grading and visual effects, Impossible Acoustic is handling sound design and audio mixing, and Steve Wolbrecht is putting on his maestro pants to score the season. After that, it's DVD authoring, duplication, and fulfillment. The project should be released by Spring 2024. 

New merch in BackerKit 

While the above is happening, our fulfillment team is keeping busy designing our backer rewards. Two of these turned out so well that we're offering them as new add-ons in BackerKit: our team soccer and rugby jerseys. 

Originally, we were only going to produce soccer jerseys, but those only go up to 2XL, which won't accommodate everyone. But the team discovered that rugby jerseys go up to 7XL. Turns out rugby players trend larger than soccer players. Go figure. Anyway, here are the designs for both. 

Liberty Cabbage soccer jersey

Liberty Cabbage rugby jersey


closeup of Liberty Cabbage team crest

BackerKit orders won't be locked until *cough cough* LOOK A PLANE! Okay, we don't have a lock date set in stone, but a) it will likely be in early 2024, and b) I'll let you know well in advance for any last minute panic shopping. 

That's all for now. Merry holidays!