Digital Release and Gamers 4

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Liberty Cabbage Digital Release

Praise, thanksgiving, and days of merriment! Break out the tambourines and cabbage wine! At long last, the full season of Liberty Cabbage has been released! Digitally! And [kickstarter backers] can download it today!

A screenshot of the four Liberty Cabbage episodes, plus the Kickstarter pitch video
Shut up, Agamemnon. This isn't about you.

[Backer download information has been cut for brevity]

Enjoy! We worked super hard on this season and are very proud of what we've accomplished. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Physical Rewards Update

Our physical rewards continue to arrive, and we are still on schedule to ship these in June. The patches (both regular and eye) are in hand and ready to ship, as are the postcards. Ditto the zombie signs. And the soccer jerseys just arrived! Here's one modeled by our overworked campaign manager, Kº Wiley.

Perfect for earning a red card for simulation

On DVDs / Blu-Rays: the duplication house has the master files and they're authoring the discs as we speak. Once those have joined the trove, shipping will begin, and then this campaign will be wrapped. Thank you for your patience as we wrangle these final pieces.

You mentioned Gamers 4?

Indeed! Last Tuesday, we launched the Kickstarter for The Gamers: Dorkness Falls, the final chapter of the Gamers film trilogy that began with Dorkness Rising.

"The Shadow!" "The Shadow?" "...Yes."

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can catch up on the Gamers movies at If you do know, you may have just opened all the garage doors in your neighborhood with your squeeing.

The campaign runs through June 29. In just its first five days, the film is already one-third funded! We've got some amazing rewards and so many familiar faces, so be sure to check it out. Also check out OnlyFlynns, but make sure there are no children in the room first.

Gamers 4 awaits...

THANK YOU, everyone!

It's been a long process of getting back on our feet -- especially for me personally; the last few years have not been kind -- but we're there, finally, and once again, the future is a bright and happy place. Here's to many more years of mythmaking. And mirthmaking. Cheers!

— Matt