Merry Xmas, here’s a Gamers: Humans & Households project you’ll never get to see.

[Source: Matt Vancil's Facebook post. This project was suggested as a stretch goal for the Liberty Cabbage Kickstarter campaign.]

TL;DR – Merry Xmas, here’s a Gamers: Humans & Households project you’ll never get to see. Link in first comment.
FTwOP* – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It's been a hell of a year, the worst for our little family. But as rough as it's been and as far as we still have to go, it's ending strong, and there's growth in the ashes.
As a thank you gift to everyone who's supported us from near and far—and for anyone who's ever been curious as to what the hell it is I do, or about what movies look like without their clothes on—I'm releasing an unproduced screenplay in the Gamers franchise under the Creative Commons license. Feel free to share it with whomever might be interested. It'll likely be incomprehensible to most of you, which is a hallmark of my oeuvre.
Thank you one, thank you all, for your support and love during this year of awful firsts. We've finally gotten our feet under ourselves and I predict we'll stand some time in the spring.
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*For Those with Object Permanence

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H&H Where Eagles Roar (Dropbox link)
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A bit of context

What is this? 

This is a Humans & Households project I began in the summer of 2020. I didn’t know what it would be about or what form it would wind up in—does it want to be a series or a feature?—but I’ve learned to trust the Muse and pay attention when she starts chattering.

Why are you releasing the script?

Three reasons. First, it’s unproducible. It’s too long for a feature, too short for a series, and it’s well beyond the budgets we’ve been able to raise.

Second, it’s topical. Topical comedy has a shelf life. If you need proof, go watch an episode of SNL from 2014 and see how well those ice bucket challenge jokes hit now. It took two years to write this project, and we’re already an election cycle past the events it depicts. It would take another two to three to produce this sucker, and by then the events would be well in the collective rearview. People have short memories.

And third, I need a sense of completion. I need to tick the “done” box in my brain, and short of producing it, sharing it with all of you fulfills that need. This was the last project I was working on before Camille died and the first I resumed after she had passed. Working on it got me through those raw months, helped me climb out of the smoldering crater of our lives. It’s a project I could never abandon. I had to complete it in some form.

Why Creative Commons?

Why not? The purpose of a story is to be told, and I have no further plans for this one. Have fun with it.

Who would you have cast?

Uh uh. No way. Not answering that.

Aw, come on. Please?

No. It’s not fair to the actors. You’re not supposed to write with people in mind. Besides, someone always comes along in auditions and blows my socks off. Precasting is taboo.

Come oooooooon.

Alright, FINE. Yes, I write with people in mind, but that’s just so I can better see the characters evolve, but the note about auditions still stands. These roles would have been anyone’s to win. But if I had to cast it right now, sans auditions––

You do.

—then here’s who you’d see in the leads.

The Mystic – Lisa Coronado

Thrumbiid / Pax – Nathaniel Kiss

Krux / Lily – Helen Roundhill

Ulmaraen / Dr. Scrubbs – Abie Ekenezar

Shank / Tanner – Brian S. Lewis

Flagstorm – Scott C. Brown

Skullbro – Christian Doyle

Carlson – Nathan Rice

Olympia – Carol Roscoe