Liberty Cabbage - Days 10–11

Midway through Day 10, we ran out of water. When I fired up the Subaru to go on a fluids run, the outside temperature registered at 107º. By the time I got to the store, it had air-cooled down to 97º.

Needless to say, it was hot. Record-breaking hot. 99º in Olympia, where we were filming most of our exteriors on a sweltering July Saturday. Of course it was the day we were in uniforms and wool coats. And by we, I mean the cast. Poor Luke had sunscreen melting down into his eyes.

So we adapted. Where we could, we flipped exteriors into interiors, and where we couldn't, we clung to the shade of the house as the sun fuck-you'd across the sky. It wasn't our longest day, but it certainly took the most out of us. Mainly water weight and salts.

Day 11, by comparison, was a light and trifling affair, which is a flippant remark about any day with a company move. We lost our original morning location after our hosts came down with COVID, so we adapted and filmed the cooking show sketch at my place. The only hard part about that was shooing my children away from set, and then, when came back, teaching them to hold the slate high enough so it was visible in frame. After that, it was wheels up and back to the studio (I left them with a babysitter, I'm not a monster), where we finished the day in front of the green screen. By then, we were running on fumes, as the outtakes will illustrate.

Eleven days down. Two to go. The end is in sight.

Let our powers combine!

I'm not allowed to film at my aunt and uncle's anymore

Online dating is weird in your forties

"There it is. The plot. It's been staring at us this whole time."

When it's two hours til lunch and you've eaten all the squirrels

That's not a prop

When the kitchen runs out of mimosas

Was it all a dream?

"Your shoelace is on fire."

Vintage 19th century Jordans

Aerosmith hasn't aged well

"Just look at the temple, Humphries! Such exquisite detail, perfectly preserved!"

We're off for the next two weeks as several of us are at Gen Con and the rest of us are rehydrating. When we're back on set, we'll be having some fun with an AR Wall—our first time filming with a virtual set.