Liberty Cabbage - DAY 2

Saturday marked the start of our first full weekend of filming, with several more in the queue. The day was also a  family affair, with the kiddos reprising their roles from the pilot episode. And insisting on helping behind the scenes. That's how you build your resume, I guess.

There's an axiom in this industry, courtesy of W. C. Fields: "Never work with children or animals," because they're scene stealing and unpredictable. You never know how long it's going to take to get the performances you need out of them, and you'd better hope you get what you're after before they get irritated or bored or attack their handlers.

So, given that the first half of our the day involved filming with kids, and that they didn't have their lines memorized, and that we had a hard out of 5pm, we were braced for a taxing grind of a day. 

Instead, we flew, filming nine pages in six hours, including lunch. We actually wrapped early. I'm taking this as good sign and hoping the momentum continues.

Two days down. Eleven to go.

Mags gets into character. She's so method.

Kiss does +3D6 sneak attack damage

Leo can fit an impressive number of heads on a pike

My boy, running the slate. My girl, making more work for HMU.

If you squint, you can tell -- the beard is fake

"The spice must flow."

Which dating simulator is this?

Brian, we haven't finished the sce-- Brian? Well. We did have a hard out.

Next up, Day 3. Which happened yesterday. And which I'll post about tomorrow. Ish.