Winter 2024 Update II: The Updatening

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Credit Check

Inching closer! The audio mix is done, so only visual effects and music remain. We’re also finalizing the credits that will appear at the end of each new episode. Please take 12 second to make sure we haven't horribly botched how you wish to be credited. If you’d like your credit changed, message me and we'll get it ironed out. The window for changing the credits ends on March 30, two weeks from today.



Orders Lock April 30

We will be locking orders in BackerKit on April 30, so if wanted to pick up some additional swag (see below), or you’re one of the 21 people who still hasn’t yet completed the survey, you have six weeks. I’ll send another reminder in mid-April. Here’s the link to the survey again.

As promised (see above), here’s a glimpse at the designs for the embroidered patches. I realize now it's also a title reveal for the new episodes.


Episode Patch Art


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