Liberty Cabbage - Days 7–9

A quick update for the last three days of filming.

We knew this weekend was going to kick our butts—we had to knock out 27 pages in three days, including a 15-page monstrosity—and that was before Director Gabe went down with COVID. I stepped in to direct with three days prep, right as we learned we'd have a crew shortage and that COVID had knocked out a core cast member for the weekend. 

So we hustled, we scrambled, we patched and revised and improvved our way through it, and we still managed to finish early enough each day to get out before the summer heat turned the studio into a giant broiler. The only thing we didn't get was much variation in our BTS pictures. Which, if that's the only casualty, we'll take it.

Fortunately, our ailing crew is on the mend and should be back for this next weekend's shoot. Unfortunately, that shoot includes our big day of exteriors, likely in 90ΒΊ heat. Wish us luck. And hydration.

Nine days down. Four to go.

Nice to see someone else get Thraxxed for a change

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I even bought gloves so they wouldn't have to make up his hands

"Here's my offer."

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