Liberty Cabbage - DAY 4

Day 4 was zombie day, our most makeup-intensive day of the shoot. It was also the one day we were filming at my house. Filming on the home front has its benefits -- I got to sleep in, didn't have to load the car, and you can't argue with the commute -- but it also has its drawbacks. For example, the cast stole my liquor cabinet. The entire cabinet. There's a gap where once it stood.

The day went smoothly enough, aside from one major hiccup. Three minutes before catering was due, I got a text from Jersey Mike's that they would not be fulfilling the order. No explanation offered, just a "Nope" on our order. So lunch was an hour late, and was pizza—which, for the record, I did not order for our hot meal (a big no-no in this industry) until after Mike's betrayal. Other than that, the day went swimmingly.

Four down, nine to go. We're down to single digits, baby.

Shawn learns he's HMU lead

"Gabriel Gonda is no more. From this day forward, I shall be known as—"

"Fuck Jersey Mike."

You forget to moisturize for ONE day...

It's like the waiting room from Beetlejuice, but we're waiting for lunch

Luke's favorite character by far. By FAR.

What prompted the call from the HOA

And with that, we've finished our shoot dates for June. We resume the first weekend in July, when we'll be filming an old Dead Gentlemen sketch written twenty years ago. With luck, we'll also have Andy Dopieralski, our director of photography, back from quarantine exile. Without luck, our producer (i.e., me) will be swapping places with him.