Liberty Cabbage - DAY 1

And we're off!

Sunday marked the first day of our 13-day shoot, which is spread out over the next three months like hummus over too much toast. I like hummus on my toast, shut up.

Day 1 was a light day meant to ease us back into production and shake off the rust, so we took steps to keep things as low stress as possible: a manageable number of pages, little in the way of complicated camera angles, and we didn’t give Christian the address. It went great!

On a personal note, I haven't had to memorize my own lines—or any lines, really—since 2010 (Chibichan doesn't count). I have newfound respect for actors after setting a company record for blown takes. 

Here's some pics.


Gabe was super excited to direct

A third cultist has appeared!

Yes, the cult plays Twister. Just with more blood than you're used to.

"Yessss... balance my color temperature... I command you!"

Kiss being Kiss

Dark Lord and Nancy, together again

Who's awesome? Also, why is Luke frowning?

Back home after a solid Day 1. Unrelated, my full name is Mattress.


Next up this weekend are Days 2 and 3, because that's how numbers work. I’ll post updates and more pictures next week. Until then!